Thursday Open Hours return to the Library Calendar!

We are delighted to announce the return of two Thursdays per month to the Library’s Calendar, creating semi-monthly strings of four open days in a row. This expansion in public access is thanks to David Wiegleb joining our Guest Host community:

“David Wiegleb joins the Prelinger Library in October to host on alternate Thursdays. David is entranced by all things bibliographic, with particular interest in social justice, film, serendipity of discovery, and the history of ideas. For sixteen years, David ran Fields Book Store, one of San Francisco’s oldest shops, with specialization in the world’s spiritual traditions.”

Calendar watchers may have noted that we had Thursday hours for over a year up to April of 2018, and we will always be grateful for the contributions of the amazing Jessica Lachenal who made those hours possible from February 2017 – April 2018.

About Guest Hosting: The Library’s Guest Host community is made up of people who each volunteer to:
– Learn the Library’s collection intimately enough to support nearly every type of inquiry and use
– Enjoy facilitating use of the Library by the public
– Share the Library’s core principles of social justice, equity, and purpose of providing access to history in order to build a better future
– Make a one-year commitment, or greater, to a regular hosting calendar
– Contribute labor to maintain both the collection and the condition of the Library environment
– Use the Library’s resources to support their own work

Prospective Guest Hosts should visit in person, as Guest Host relationships are typically developed through live visitation and use. The Guest Host calendar is organized by the Library’s co-founders and anchor hosts, Megan & Rick Prelinger.