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    To join our community of supporters, please visit our donations page. You can find links to current and past supports at the bottom of the page.

    525847956_7eebc244cc_bOur 2016 annual appeal is open! Your support will enable the Library to continue to be a workshop, a community hub and a resource for artists, writers, researchers, and activists.

    Your support covers rent, utilities, archival supplies, and refreshments for volunteers.

    The Library’s 2016 budget is $39,828 (full breakdown below).

    Please help us to raise at least $35,000 toward these costs! In 2015 our appeal raised over $25,000, enabling a standout year of community engagement and productivity, and this year we’d like to do even better.

    Each new donor at the $150 level and above will receive a bound copy of our 2015 Library Yearbook, an image-rich description of 2015 activities, partnerships and acquisitions. The Yearbook is available to everyone as a free PDF download.

    Your tax-deductible donation benefits every visitor. Since Fall 2015 we have more than doubled our open days and provided services to a record number of visitors. Please help us do more!

    Your support can be for any amount whatsoever, even $10. Or:

    $100 per year sponsors one shelf plus its affiliated ephemera boxes. • $250 per year sponsors three shelves of books plus affiliated ephemera. • $500 per year also gets a handmade gift from us! • $1,000 per year and up sponsors a section like “Urban Studies” or “Radio History,” and also gets your choice from a special sponsors’ menu, including private film screenings, illustrated talks and handmade gifts. • Any “angels” out there who would like to revolutionize our accessibility by helping us to redevelop this budget to support a staff librarian position, please get directly in touch with us.

    Flipcause, our online donation platform, charges 2.2% for every transaction. If you would rather send a check and let us keep that 2.2%, please inscribe it to Intersection for the Arts with “prelinger library” on the memo line, and mail it to:

    Intersection for the Arts
    901 Mission Street #306
    San Francisco, CA 94103

    Our 2016 annual budget:

    Rent $30,600
    Telecom $1,440
    Hospitality $400
    Artist Fees $1,500
    Utilities $588
    Archival Supplies $1,000
    Insurance: $800
    Fiscal Sponsorship Fees: $3,000 (est.)
    Acquisitions: $500

    TOTAL: $39,828