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525847956_7eebc244cc_bOur 2017 annual appeal is open!

In 2016, the Library’s core community collaborated to host over a hundred public open days and over 1,200 research visits — all on a budget of about $42,000, most of which was the rent on the Library space. Thanks to the fantastic response to the 2016 Appeal, 100% of our budget was covered by 120 individual supporters and a handful of major grants, including an anonymous gift of $15,000, a grant from the Seed Fund, and a gift from Mandrake. These 2016 supporters (including many of you) made 2016 our busiest and most productive year ever.

2017 is on track to meet or exceed the reach of 2016. We could nearly fill another Yearbook with the art-making, public events, research discoveries, and collaborations that have already happened this year.

Your tax-deductible donation benefits every visitor. The Library’s 2017 – 18 budget is $44,548 (details below). We have already been awarded a $5,000 grant from the Seed Fund for 2017 and gathered about $21,500 in individual donations. For the ’17–’18 fiscal year starting October 1, we seek to raise the rest of this budget.

Flipcause, our online donation platform, charges 2.2% for every transaction. If you would rather send a check and let us keep that 2.2%, please inscribe it to Intersection for the Arts with “prelinger library” on the memo line, and mail it to:

Intersection for the Arts
901 Mission Street #306
San Francisco, CA 94103

2017 – 2018 Library Budget in detail:

Rent $31,520

Telecom $1,440

Hospitality $400

Artist Fees & Community Honoraria $5,000

Utilities $588

Archival Supplies $1,000

Insurance: $800

Fiscal Sponsorship Fees: $3,300 (est.)

Acquisitions: $500

TOTAL: $44,548