• Midwinter Collage Workshop December 29 in the Library

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    Visiting artist Danielle Cole (Toronto) has generously offered to host and teach a free collage workshop in the Library for 12 people, Thursday, December 29, 1 – 5 p.m. This will be a hands-on scissors-and-glue workshop. It will be a festive midwinter occasion with the Library co-founders helping out. Cole will gather resources (in collaboration with us) and will offer guidance to participants based on her many years of collage practice and teaching experience.
    To sign up for the class please send an email with the subject line DECEMBER 29 COLLAGE WORKSHOP ATTENDANCE to danielle.t.cole@gmail.com and to info@prelingerlibrary.org. When the workshop is full we will post a notice here.

    Danielle Cole artist statement
    My handmade collection of images is the result of hours spent in thrift shops, years spent salvaging the cast-offs from high school storerooms and libraries, and offerings from helpful friends, ambitious suitors and a vintage loving landlord. Michelangelo said of his art ‘every block of stone has a statue inside and it is the task of the sculpture to discover it.’ This quote holds true for the construction of all my handmade collage work. Sorting through hundreds of images until the magical moment when you get to say: that vacuum belongs in that dinosaur’s hand.

    Artist bio
    My father used to say that he got me from gypsies in exchange for box of orange flavoured popsicles. This being a modern version of my great grandfather’s story that my high-spirited grandmother arrived by way of the gypsies, traded for a crate of oranges. It was the opening statement that began to define my life as an artists living among pragmatists. My art often explores the absurdity of domestic roles and the need for material goods.


    Megan Prelinger is the co-founder of the Prelinger Library in San Francisco. She is a cultural historian and archivist, and author of two books: Another Science Fiction: Advertising the Space Race 1957–1962 and Inside the Machine: Art and Invention in the Electronic Age. About.me