Introducing the Stacks Explorer

Hi! This is Devin. I’m excited to announce that the Prelinger Library Stacks Explorer is now live. The link is, and we’ve also added it to the menu bar (above). Give it a whirl!

What is it?

It’s a visually-oriented web interface, which aims to:

  1. Provide off-site researchers with a way to look around and get an idea of what’s available.
  2. Provide a connection from the library’s physical space to the digitized material in its collection.

I’ve been told the formal name for this is a “discovery service,” but — as with the library itself — this one is a little idiosyncratic: It’s primarily built around photographs, and is essentially a DIY project.

Please note: This is not a full catalog. The tags and titles included here are pretty loose; they provide more of a general idea of the library’s areas of interest and holdings.

If you’re curious about this project’s technical, conceptual, or esoteric particulars, the “About” page has the documentation and source code. And if you would prefer to browse the Stacks Explorer’s content as a text-only list, we’ve got you covered.

So this is version 1, and you might run into some hiccups out there in the wild. If you have feedback, questions,  poems, or recipes, feel free to drop me a line. Barring some unexpected diversion(s), the plan is to make a few large-ish updates over 2019.

Cheers and happy wandering!