• Volunteers, Fellows, and Interns

    2016 Volunteers and Library Fellows*

    Nate Hoffelder, 2016 webmaster

    Sarah Benlolo, 2016 Wednesday support and collections processing support

    Carolee Gilligan Wheeler, 2016 Library Fellow and volunteer conservator; 2013–2015 volunteer, 2015 volunteer guest host

    Charlie Macquarie, 2016 Library Fellow; 2015 volunteer guest host, 2014 volunteer, Wednesday support

    Bryan Boyce, 2016 Library Fellow; 2015 volunteer guest host

    Adrianne Finelli, 2016 Library Fellow; 2015 volunteer guest host

    *Library Fellow is a new category created in 2016 to recognize the people who, since 2015, have enabled the Library to double its public open hours by hosting their own regular public open days. Our Fellows have assumed a far greater degree of responsibility for the Library’s public-facing affordances than have any other volunteers, which does not reduce our recognition for the extraordinary commitment, creativity, and constancy that all of the Library’s volunteers have offered over the years. Other terms: Volunteer is the default term for everyone who contributes their time, energy, and skill for the betterment of the Library’s holdings and operations, usually in cooperation with the co-founders (who are also volunteers of a kind). Interns are usually volunteering for a fixed period of time in a manner that benefits both the Library and an educational program.


    Annegret Spranger, 2015 – 2016 volunteer, Wednesday support and collections processing

    Tim Slaughter, 2015 – 2016 volunteer, collections processing

    Lindsey Dupler, 2015 volunteer, Wednesday support, off-site explorations, and hospitality

    Christina Corfield, Summer 2013 intern, collections processing

    Emma Hurst Winter 2013 intern

    Freya Channing, collections processing lead, 2008–2011 and Fall, 2013

    Juliayn Coleman, Summer 2010 volunteer bookbinder

    Heather Jovanelli, Fall 2011 – Fall 2013 volunteer, serials inventory

    Pamela Jackson, Summer 2006 volunteer, Wednesday support and collections management

    Jeremy Blatter, Summer 2006 intern, Summer 2007 intern

    Karla Nielsen, Summer 2008 Wednesday support, collections management

    Dawn Marsh Wilson, 2009 Wednesday support, digital asset management

    Kevin Coleman, Summer and Fall, 2010, collections management

    Antonella Bonfanti, Summer 2011, Wednesday support

    Courtney Fellion,2012 website development

    Sara Garvey, January 2012, collections processing

    Kris Ashley, development volunteer, Fall 2013