11th Annual Lost Landscapes of SF Screening to benefit the Library

Two shows of Rick P.’s Lost Landscapes of San Francisco will be at the Castro Theater on Tuesday, December 6 and Wednesday, December 7, each at 7:30 pm (doors 6:30 pm). On Tuesday, Long Now’s Winter Party for members and their guests will follow the show. On Wednesday, Prelinger Library founders, fellows, volunteers and alumnae will make a brief onstage appearance before the show to thank all of you for your attendance and continuing support. Ticket info below.

Foregrounding new film footage discoveries, the 11th annual feature-length program shows San Francisco’s neighborhoods, infrastructures, celebrations and people from 1906 through the 1970s. This year’s program features scenes of San Franciscans working, playing, marching and partying during the Great Depression; unseen footage of Seals Stadium and the Cow Palace in the late 1930s; the reconstruction of Market Street and Embarcadero Plaza in the 1970s; newly-discovered footage of the San Francisco Produce Market in operation; glimpses of neighborhoods now gone; Cathedral Hill on the cusp of redevelopment; 1960s antiwar activism; newly found footage of Tom Mooney’s victory parade after his release from Alcatraz in 1939; Bay ferries in operation; rare images of southeastern San Francisco and the Hunters Point drydock; the 1975 Gay Freedom Day parade; a 1940s-era ode to our fog; and many more newly discovered gems.

As always, the audience makes the soundtrack! Come prepared to identify places, people and events, to ask questions and to engage in spirited real-time repartee with fellow audience members.

ON BOTH EVENINGS you can purchase $50 Prelinger Library Patron Tickets, which include reserved seating in the theater. 100% of proceeds from the sale of these tickets go directly to the library!
Here’s the ticket purchase link (I strongly urge purchasing tickets early):

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Want to ride Muni’s very first streetcar, built in 1912, to the December 7 show? Our friends at the non-profit Market Street Railway are offering a pre-show reception at their museum across from the Ferry Building along with the special ride. Details at www.streetcar.org/trolleytours.

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Part of your Lost Landscapes ticket price this year benefits Prelinger Library, San Francisco’s famed experimental research library that supports artists, historians, community members, and researchers of all kinds. 100% of proceeds from your purchase of a Patron Ticket will directly benefit the Library.